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Technical Terms

A : Ampere

“A” alarm contacts : Potential free contacts

AC : Alternating Current

Ah : Ampere- hours

Arms : Ampere root mean square

CAN-bus : Controller Area Network, a multicast shared serial bus standard


CE : European mark of conformity

CO : Central Office

DC : Direct Current

DCD : DC Distribution

DSL : Digital Subscriber Line

DSLAM : Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer

EMC : Electromagnetic Compatibility

EN : European Norm

ETSI : European Telecommunications Standards Institute

Glossary :

HTML : Hyper-Text Markup Language

IEC : International Electrotechnical Commission

IP : Internet Protocol

LCD : Liquid Crystal Display

LED : Light Emission Diode

L&N : Line and Neutral

LVBD : Low Voltage Battery Disconnect

LVD : Low Voltage Disconnect

LVLD : Low Voltage Load Disconnect

MCB : Miniature Circuit Breaker

MCU : Monitoring and Control

MPSU : Modular Power Supply Unit

ms : Millisecond

NEBS : Network Equipment-Building Systems

NMS : Network Management System

PC : Personal Computer

POP : Point-of-presence

PR : Power Rack

PRS : Power Rack System

PRSB : Power Rack System with Battery

RBS : Radio Base Station

R&D : Research and Development

RFT : Remote Feeding Telecommunication

RJ45 : Connection format standard

RNC : Radio Network Controller

RPS : Remote Power System

RS-232 : Serial communication bus

RS-485 : Serial communication bus

SMPS : Switch Mode Power Supply.An electronic power supply unit (PSU) that incorporates a switching regulator. An internal control circuit that switches the load current rapidly on and off in order to stabilise the output voltage.

SMS : Short Message Service

SNMP : Simple Network Management Protocol

TCO : Total Cost of Ownership

TCP/IP : Transmission Control Protocol/ Internet Protocol

U : Height unit (44.45mm (1.75"))

UL : Underwriters Laboratories Incorporated

USB : Universal Serials Bus